A tiny water district in northern San Diego County – the San Luis Rey Municipal Water District – is seeking to annex thousands of acres of land to fuel urban growth near Bonsall and Pala. EHL is opposing this land grab.

Northern San Diego County is at a crossroads. Scenery, wildlife, and farming, plus carefully sited “nodes” of urban growth, can be achieved through the “2020” General Plan Update. However, this preemptive “land grab” by the San Luis Rey Municipal Water District – which currently only manages groundwater – would import water and build sewage treatment plants, inducing growth in areas otherwise planned for continued rural and agricultural uses. The beneficiaries would be speculative land interests.

The San Diego Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO) will approve or deny the request. EHL submitted extensive comments on the outrageous proposal, showing its fundamental inconsistency with LAFCO policies. This blatant attempt to replace good planning with “leapfrog” sprawl must not be allowed to succeed.