Without an NCCP program to provide a conservation framework, rare habitats remain highly threatened. EHL has therefore engaged to protect endangered species on a more site-specific basis.

EHL negotiated a settlement to litigation with the City of Ontario that will eventually dedicate $20 million in mitigation for conservation in the Prado Basin, a large complex of wetlands and uplands. Anchored by federal land to the south, most of the rest of the Basin has transitioned from dairies to development. Following discussions with EHL, the City of Chino built open space protections and a mitigation program into its own General Plan, contributing to the Prado Basin effort. 

EHL is currently suing the City of Rialto over a proposal to pave over hundreds of acres of habitat for the endangered San Bernardino kangaroo rat. We also have worked closely with the City of Colton for many years on a conservation plan for the endangered Delhi Sands flower-loving fly. While there has been some significant mitigation for the alluvial fans at the base on the San Gabriel Mountains, development continues to take a toll.