EHL was quoted on litigation, land use planning, and water supply.

The Coast News provided detailed coverage of EHL’s lawsuit over the San Marcos Highlands project (“Environmental group files lawsuit to block Highlands project,” January 20, 2017).

The project must be modified so that San Diego’s wildlife can continue to move across the landscape,” EHL Executive Director Dan Silver said in a prepared statement. "There is no excuse for not doing so, and we are ready and able to work with the City and the applicant to achieve this goal.”

The Voice of San Diego also reported on the ongoing fight against a massive housing project that would bust open the County’s General Plan and fragment the Merriam Mountains habitat area in the North County near Twin Oaks (“Oasis for the Wealthy, Golden Door, Fights Housing Project That Just Won’t Die,” January 11, 2017). The Golden Door Spa, a resort oriented to Eastern spirituality which has become a regional icon, would be ruined by the project. EHL’s Dan Silver was quoted on the role of the Golden Door.

“They’ve made the connections between their specific issue and the larger issue that’s facing San Diego, which is whether to sprawl into rural areas or whether to pursue a more city-centric pattern of development,” he said.

The Voice of San Diego (“San Marcos’ Looming Water Shortage Might Be a Mirage,” November 22, 2016) covered controversy over whether the Vallecitos Water District has or does not have enough water for new sprawl developments in the North County.  

An attorney for the Endangered Habitats League, an environmental group, wrote a letter to the San Marcos City Council earlier this month arguing it should reject the Highlands development because “conclusions regarding adequacy of supplies for the project are unsupported” by Vallecitos’ projections.